Do you want to learn easy DIY hacks to fix your toilet problems? Are you looking to learn simple facts about your restrooms? Then, we are your best buddy! We offer you lots of information concerning your bathroom, toilets and other fixtures. We understand that the toilet is one of the rooms in the house with its peculiar challenges for many. So, we’ve taken our time to give you all the information you will need. 

What Do We Do?

Our blog has been up and running for years. We are home to a team of writers and contributors with years of experience writing about plumbing, toilets, and bathrooms. So, you can be sure of obtaining only the best information when browsing our blog. Our articles are presented in an easy-to-understand manner that even a ten-year-old can read and understand. 

Our blog also inspires you to start taking your home improvement seriously. We do this with our highly informative articles that approach the subject of home improvement in an ABC manner. If you constantly seek ways to improve not just your toilet but the overall outlook of your home, our blog will perfectly fill that need. 

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We don’t write until we have the facts to support our claims. Misinformation and outright lies are predominant in many articles today. This has led to a steady decline in people who read online articles. However, we are changing that narrative. Our articles are fact-checked to ensure that readers get only accurate information. Secondly, we write original content. You won’t find the articles you read on our blogs elsewhere because all our information is written from scratch. 

Also, our articles are filled with beautiful and colorful images to keep you engaged. Furthermore, our pictures and infographics make it easier for you to understand the tips and tricks we present. So, even without reading the write-ups, you can understand the tips through the pictures. 

Our blog also offers educational videos. For many of our articles, there is usually an accompanying video. The videos are shot in a clean and well-lit environment. 

Top-Notch Team

Our writers are some of the best wordsmiths. They write concise, straight-to-the-point, and informational articles that will keep you glued to your screen. Before writing, they try to understand the pain of the potential reader to help them provide appealing content. 

Meet Liana Farrell

Liana Farrell

Liana Farrell is the owner of She is a mom of two and is very passionate about home improvement. Liana has ten years of home improvement experience, and in her own words, she said: “I love improving the home, and I’m very passionate about keeping the home in the best possible condition. I love it!” Liana Farrell balances beauty and functionality when she goes about her home improvement jobs.